Media Prod 2017

Ru-WatSIP Success Stories 2017

  1. water-supply-projects-of-Khushi-Logar-province_2017
  2. Sar-e-Sumara villagers will not lose their lives for water after the accomplishment of an SDF-funded water supply network

water-supply-projects-of-khoshi-logar-province__english-2017Sar-e-Sumara villagers will not lose their__16_OCT__2017

Ru-WatSIP Case Study 2017

  1. Dreams changed into reality: Safe drinking water in Sar-e-Sumara village


Ru-WatSIP Brochure 2017

Brochure for SACOSAN_back side Brochure for SACOSAN_Front side

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Press Release 2017

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18 Drinking Water Project Accomplished in April 2017

32 water supply projects accomplished in May 2017

21 water supply projects completed by Ru-WatSIP in June 2017

Virtually 60,000 individuals provided with clean drinking water in July 2017

At least 22 water supply projects completed in August

19 water supply projects accomplished in September 2017

Over 99,000 people got access to clean water in December 2017